Isla del Caribe will grant citizenship to its holders to attract investors

The authorities of Dominica, located in the eastern Caribbean, will grant citizenship to people who acquire their tokens called Dominica Coin (DMC) and Digital Identity (DID), both of which are based on the Tron network, as a mechanism to attract investors to the island.

This arose after the Al Jazeera agreement with Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, which belongs to Justin Sun, also the leader of the Tron network, which had become Infrastructure blockchain Official citizen of Dominica.

“The tokens will be issued through Huobi Prime, and the platform will issue DMC DIDs to all registered users (on the platform),” a statement said.

Dominica passports Allowing visa-free entry to more than 130 countries and regions around the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, the European Union, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

“Users can complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification or re-verify with Dominica’s DID. It is understood that users who pass verification using decentralized identifiers share the same privileges as citizens of other nationalities.”

Those who access the token You will be given a physical certificate issued by the Government of Dominicaafter paying a certain fee.

Among the main use cases for DID, there are Opening bank accounts in DominicaLoan applications and digital company registration.

TRC-20 Code authorized and issued by the Government of Dominica, Later you will support interaction between strings like raised and BNB Smart Chain and other public chains through the BitTorrent Chain protocol.

In this way, Dominica confirms its intention to delve into the increased use of the Tron network. Originally, that was the intention Help promote tourist attractionsNatural and Heritage, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

They also legalized the use of Tron’s native tokens, called Tron Crypto. Included in the list are: BitTorrent Chain Protocol (BTT), JustStable (JST), APENFT Protocol (NFT), Tron Protocol Token (TRX), USDT, USDD and USD-based stablecoin TUSD on the Tron TRC20 network.

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