BingX will invest $10 million to promote copy trading

BingX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it has raised $10 million to grow and improve copy trading. This fund aims to develop bingux As the platform for copy trading in the cryptocurrency industry, providing more tools for traders and those who copy, building infrastructure, adding product innovation and improvements to communities, as well as … Read more

Where do you see all cryptocurrency prices?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money that have the same use cases as the traditional fiat currencies we usually use: you can use them to pay for services and goods, book apartments or trips, buy real estate, etc. Cryptocurrencies have no physical form; However, its adoption is expanding, opening up more and more use cases both in … Read more

Crypto assets rose more than 30% on concerns about banks

After what happened in the last couple of weeks with the banking crisis in the US and what happened with the instability of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, bitcoin (BTC) has hacked again, sending the entire crypto-asset market up. Fears of a potential financial crisis fueled enthusiasm and the need to resort to the cryptocurrency market, … Read more

The treasury wants to have all the information about your life and will get it in the year 2023

Last week we learned about an income simulator that was available on the Treasury Department’s website. Which indicates to us which funds should announce cryptocurrency this year. To the surprise of many investors, the information the Treasury Department will need about fiscal year 2022 will be very comprehensive. Information that is difficult for the average … Read more

The CFTC invited players from the crypto industry to participate in the TAC

Earlier this week, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC),for its abbreviation in English») on the establishment of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), «for its abbreviation in English») and its purpose is to inform the US government about emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI). Created by the CTFC, the government TAC was established … Read more

Have you heard of Stake2Learn?

by Christina Morgasjournalist and director of communication in the financial and institutional field at any Taking advantage of the fact that ChatGPT knows almost everything, I asked because Mr. Google refers me to an evangelist of the crypto economy, the pioneer of tech entrepreneurship, Miguel Caballero, founder of the Tutellus training platform and the great … Read more

Andorra is turning to esports and will celebrate its first international festival with Encom

The principality has become the first official home of the Esports City League outside Spain and will host the first edition of Esports City Fest Andorra on May 20-21. Acting Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business and President of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, and CEO of to requestDreamHack brand management company in Spain. Andorra … Read more

ChipMixer cryptocurrency mixer has been shut down by Germany and the United States

This Wednesday, the German and American authorities, with the support of Europol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),for its abbreviation in English») and the US Department of Justice (DOJ), «for its abbreviation in English»), they cracked a well-known cryptocurrency mixer in the cybercriminal underworld on the dark web, otherwise known as ChipMixer. 🚨 International has … Read more