According to this specialist, most DAOs are not what they seem

Key facts: Wonderland CEO Matthias Nissenson questioned the DAO’s vote. Ninesson said that most DAOs operate like a “laundry shop.” Among the topics discussed during In ETH Latam, there are hacks, scams, and decentralized independent organizations known as DAOs. About them, they specifically talked about how these organizations are not what they seem, according to … Read more

“Argentina is the perfect alternative to innovation”: Ethereum developer

Key facts: Argentina combines need and talent, says Juan David Reyes. The developer says he is very excited about the future of Ethereum. “Argentina is the perfect blend of innovation and building global companies,” says Juan David Reyes, developer of the Ethereum Foundation. The Colombian specialist had an exclusive interview with CriptoNoticias during his visit … Read more

These metrics continue to point to a bullish trajectory for Bitcoin

Among the bitcoin metrics that traders consult to improve their investment strategy, there are several that have supported the upside in recent days. This includes the 50-day moving average, the open interest on bitcoin futures, and the attractive risk-reward ratio for long-term contract holders. Open interest on Bitcoin futures includes the number of open contracts … Read more

Why is BlackRock adoption so important to Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin (BTC) bullish trend in recent weeks has received an additional boost from institutional investment. The alliance between Coinbase and investment manager Blackrock, along with the fact that it announced the launch of the Bitcoin Cash Credit, has not only increased the price of the main cryptocurrency, but also made Bitcoin more attractive in … Read more

CBDCs are Tik Tok-like spyware that fights with Bitcoin

Key facts: Kiyosaki has already dismissed the existence of central bank digital currencies, to the point of calling it an “act of treason.” Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin and has repeatedly recommended its adoption. Famous book author Rich Dad Poor DadThis week, businessman Robert Kiyosaki claimed that central bank digital currencies … Read more

Stable coins as a means of payment? This was said by professionals at ETH Latam

Key facts: Mariano di Petrantonio believes that it is better to use other currencies for payments, rather than stablecoins. Stany Kulichov said that stablecoins are “great tools for emerging economies.” Stablecoins are a very relevant topic in the current cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. For some specialists, these are not considered convenient methods of … Read more

Are you a fan of “crypto” to make money or change finances? See what the community says

Key facts: On ETHLatam, viewers claimed to have cryptocurrency for the financial revolution. The CEOs of cryptocurrency exchanges agreed that many users are using them to make money. At the Latin American Crypto Adoption Conference, at the ETHLatam event, the thousands of spectators who attended were asked a question. One of the panelists, Manuel Pedroet, … Read more